Lisianthus in style

About us

Lisianthus in Style, founded in November 2014, centrally located in the Netherlands in the town Zuilichem. A modern nursery of 30.000 square meters equipped with the most up to date techniques. At this location we grow approximately 14 million stems of lisianthus in diverse colors each year. Together with export companies located in the Netherlands, we supply lisianthus worldwide to the top segment of the market!

Lisianthus in style


The Pippel family has been the driving force behind Lisianthus in Style from the start. Ambitious and innovative are the words to describe Jelle Pippel, the current owner of L.I.S. Jelle grew up growing lisianthus in his father’s business. At an early age he started cultivating multiple seasonal products in a 10.000 square meter greenhouse. After which he returned to lisianthus cultivation with his knowledge and experience.

With Lisianthus in Style Jelle wants to surprise florists worldwide with beautiful lisianthus, supplied in collaboration with the export companies. Quality comes first in this company, which is visible in the cultivation methods right down to the recognizable packaging in which we deliver our lisianthus to the doorstep of each flower shop.

Lisianthus in style

Our Method

Our lisianthus are available daily through Royal FloraHolland and Plantion. It is possible to buy our lisianthus on a daily base via the Clock and Clock presales. We offer our direct sales trade via the direct sales options in Floriday. If you would like to cooperate with us, we would be happy to discuss this with you!
If you have specific requests regarding our lisianthus, please feel free to contact us to discuss the diverse options.

Together with seller Leon Kuijt, we want to build up a good collaboration with the export companies located at Royal FloraHolland and Plantion!

Jelle Pippel

Jelle Pippel is the entrepreneur behind L.I.S. Working in horticulture from an early age and with the experience and knowledge gained in recent years, ready for the future! It is his ambition to supply top quality lisianthus and to surprise florists worldwide with beautiful colors and possibilities of lisianthus!

Leon Kuijt

Leon Kuijt takes care of the sales and supports Jelle in his relationships to the buyers. By responding to the latest developments in the market and the needs of the end customer, it is our goal to collaborate with the best export companies and market our lisianthus the best possible way!